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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 3-4

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 10/16/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Monday Feb.13 – Tuesday Feb.14

~~Day 3 “Walking, shopping and Beaching Day”

It’s pretty much a given that there will be a sunrise every day of this report. And why not! Each one is different…some spectacular and some just so-so. But I love them all!

A quick little breakfast and then we head off to Chedraui again as we only picked up a few tidbits yesterday. We walked for a while and then hitched a ride with a friendly local on her golf cart. There’s a very nice walkway for most of the way….

This was just being completed while we were there. They added ‘Isla Mujeres’ to it, but whatever they used for the letters, kept falling off. It’s since been perfected!

Simple fishing boats but so scenic….

And what would a walk in this area be without a stop to see if Lolo Lorena is home. And she is! Great to see her and as luck would have it, she was needing some taste testers! Vince was only too happy to oblige! We’ll be back many times to pick up baked goods---get there fairly early in the morning as she sells out quickly! The chocolate croissants are so delish! We’ll be back for a memorable dinner in a few weeks.

Needing lots of goodies we get a cart. I just think this is the coolest invention ever. There is an above ground parking area on the street level and then the store itself is above that. So you get a cart downstairs and get to ride on this magnetic mat/escalator. The cart stays in place. I’m so easy to entertain!

We need some laundry soap…..hmmmm, which one? Yes, this entire row is all laundry soap! Too many choices!!!

Cart is full, wallet is empty…time to get home. On the way to the beach we stop at the HSBC ATM to replenish our pesos. As we have done for years, in goes the Royal Bank ATM card and normally, pesos quickly come back out. This year, nada. So, what’s going on? We try the other machine. Still nothing. That’s a bit worrisome. But we’ll worry about it later and we head off to the beach, thinking that it must be some momentary glitch. Hope so!

We find Cori and Pedro settled in our favourite spot on Playa Norte, between Tarzan’s and Buho’s. And we have a friend visiting….

He’s so cute!

But he really wants Pedro’s torta……

The eyes are pleading for a morsel!....and of course, he gets several!

We have a great relaxing afternoon….so wonderful to feel the soft sand of Playa Norte and the soothing water of the sea. Heals the body and the soul!

As we head back home we try the HSBC again….still nada. Okay, something’s wrong. I call the 1800 number on the back of our card, and unfortunately the agent is completely useless. Actually chastised me for not bringing money with me instead of relying on ATMs. What?! We’re here for a month! As I’m on the phone another couple comes into the ATM and talks with Vince. Turns out they are also RBC customers and their cards didn’t work either. Apparently the new chip cards do not communicate with HSBC. BUT, luckily they do work at the new Banamex around the corner! Off we dash and as the machine spits out a wad of pesos, we heave a huge sigh of relief!!! Don’t know what we would have done if that hadn’t worked!

Practically skipping with joy on the way back home, we need vino!!! And a sunset!!

What a great way to top off another darn near perfect day!

And since this is Pedro’s last sunset until the next visit, this is for him….he loves to watch the car ferry sail past….

Off to centro we go….meeting amigos at Miguel’s Moonlight for pompoms! ¡Salud!

No idea where we ate dinner this night….no notes, and my memory has deleted that file! I’m sure it was good though!

~~Day 4 “Adios to amigos..and Happy Valentine’s Day”

¡Buenos días!

And good morning to you too Mr. Rooster! Not sure where he belonged but he enjoyed his morning walks on the malecon…

Too soon it’s time to say adios to Cori and Pedro. It was so fun to share some time together in a place that we all love so much. And thank you to them for turning a very nice townhouse into an amazing, incredible home away from home! Caribbean Casa is truly a fantastic place to stay….but shhhh….don’t tell anyone or I won’t be able to get a reservation!

Off they go…smiles on the outside, tears on the inside…..but I know they’ll be back again..and again….and again!

Beach time! Ahhhh…..

It’s a lazy afternoon before we head back home to take part in our usual routine….sunset time….

Dinner tonight is Olivia’s… of our favourite restaurants. The setting is perfect for Valentine’s Day….

We order our usual appy…freshly baked parmesan bread and tzatziki dip….sooo good!

I get the same dinner every time…why mess with something I love!....Beef kebabs and rosemary potatoes….

I can usually only eat 1 skewer….the second skewer becomes a sandwich the next day!

And Vince has one of his usuals….Beef ribs over mashed potatoes….

The service is as great as always, the food consistently good and the prices are very reasonable. We’ll be back again soon!

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