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Vacation Journal
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Date: 7/13/2012


Up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 6:15 a.m. flight. My nephew picked us up at 4:15 and we arrived at the airport at 4:30 a.m. Flight left on time from PHL to Atlanta with a one and a half hour layover. Left Atlanta on time and arrived in Cancun a half hour early which delighted us. Went through Customs and Immigration easily and found Best Day. Waited about 10 minutes for our van and then we were off for two glorious weeks in our favorite place. Upon arrival on the island we dragged our suitcases to Justicia Social for lunch. We each had a margarita (on an empty stomach -- a Buzz) and shared the shrimp ceviche and guacamole. Yum Yum!!. The waiter hailed a taxi for us and we arrived at Jimbo's around 2:15. The house was wide open with the music blaring. We were melting from the heat so by 2:30 we were cooling off in the pool. Jimbo arrived to greet us at 3:00 to find us cooling off in the pool which he thought was pretty funny. We hung poolside until 6:00 and got cleaned up and went to Monchi's for dinner. We both had one of the specials -- grouper marinated then stuffed with shrimp and covered in a cream sauce. OMG!!! We weren't that hungry but we ate all of that fish. It was too good to throw away and the tropical rice was to die for. I never had rice that tasted so good. Of course the meal was accompanied with another margarita which resulted in our second Buzz of the day. (Can you tell we are not drinkers LOL). Off to Ronco to pick up a few items and back to the house. We sat on the deck for a while but the bed was calling us so we obliged. It was a long day.

DAY 2 -- Sunday May 13

Woke shortly after sunrise and sat on the deck for a while drinking coffee for me, tea for Sis and fresh OJ for both. We cannot get enough of the OJ. It is the best we've ever had. Around 8:00 we decided to go into Centro for breakfast. Off to Poc Chuc at the loncherios for more OJ, fruit plate and chilaquiles with eggs and verde sauce. Breakfast was excellent. We then went into the market for another must have -- conchinita pibil! Then off to our favorite stall for guess what??? -- more OJ, some mangoes, bananas, a pineapple and a quarter of a watermelon. Back to the house where we put all our goodies in the fridge and decided it was beach time. Off to the beach by Jax. Found a spot under the trees and planted ourselves there for the rest of the day. Around 1:30 I went to Tino's for an order of ribs which we shared. Yummy!! At one point when we were in the water and floating on our child's raft, something kept hitting me between the legs and every time I looked to see what it was, it disappeared. After several minutes of this, we both fell off our rafts laughing as it was the rope of Sis's raft that was between my legs. Needless to say, we were hysterical laughing and everyone around was laughing at these two old ladies sitting in the water laughing uncontrollably. (I guess you had to be there). We do our fair share of providing entertainment for those around us. Went back to the house around 3:30 and attempted a nap. No luck! We hung poolside until it was time for dinner. Off to Fredys where we were warmly welcomed by Fredy with a kiss and hug each. Also at Fredy was a couple we met last year through a co-sponsor of a college student. We sat at a table behind them and chatted with them on and off during our meal. We each had a Pina colada (another buzz), tortilla soup and chicken enchiladas. All excellent. The best part of going to Fredys is Fredy himself. With encouragement from our friends, Fredy was in top form and we all had a good time. Off to the Super for rolls for tomorrow's conchinita pibil. Back to the house where the bed was calling out to us. Traveling does tire you out.

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