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Date: 7/13/2012

Traveling Day -- May 26

Up at 5:15 and went out to the back deck with OJ to enjoy our last sunrise and to soak in the sights, sounds and smells which needed to last us until next year. Since Jimbo and Karen had errands to run in Centro, he offered to take us to the ferry. He dropped me off at Barlitos so I could pick up our sandwiches and Sis went ahead to the ferry. Brad recognized me as soon as I walked in and handed me my sandwiches which were paid for yesterday. I also picked up two cinnamon rolls and headed off to the ferry. Jimbo was still talking to Sis when I got there. We said our goodbyes with a hug and kiss and we caught the 8:30 ferry. We were early so we had a 40 minute wait for Best Day. They arrived on time and off to the airport we went. We had a layover in Tennessee and going through TSA was a nightmare. Everyone had to go through the body scanner. They had one scanner for two planes. It took forever. After going through the scanner we were in desperate need of a cigarette. We found a bar where we could inhale and then went in search of our gate. The plane was already boarded and waiting for us. Since our luggage was on board, they couldn’t take off without us. The other passengers were not happy that we held them up but if TSA had more body scanners, we would have been on time. We now know to avoid Tennessee for any layovers. Another lesson learned.

My sister and I travel well together and I enjoy her company. After 15 years of traveling together, we each have our routine and we complement each other. We both like to do the same things and we have fun. I look forward to many more visits to Isla with my best friend and traveling partner.

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