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Kristi & Daves Dec vacacation Part 3

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 1/1/2012

Day 3, Monday:

We slowly get up because it looks just beautiful out...Im a little groggy though...wonder why. We decided to have breakfast at one of the stalls next to the market and we sit down at Poc Chuck. I have pork tacos w/orange juice (because, Im not a breafast person) and Dave has a Mexican egg breakfast w/coffee (107p total) wow, very good!
Note: The I took some videos because my underwater camera threw craps and will only take video now:

We stop at the market for a large bottle of orange juice. Its the best orange juice in the world! Back to pick up our beach things and find a spot to relax on the beach. Well, were a little late this morning so we got a palapa in the last row. I need to get an earlier start tomorrow. The sun is intense today! I find myself going to the water to cool off more often, which is just fine, I love the water.

Lunch - I was craving Bally Hoos fish tacos and guac. They are different from Picuss fish tacos as Bally Hoo frys theirs. I was disappointed that Bally Hoo doesnt have that 4 cervesas with guac for 95 pesos anymore. We had two orders of fish tacos, guac w/pico & 4 cervesas = 310 pesos.

Me sitting at Bally Hoo:


Off to walk that off and we find some not-so camera shy pelicans...




...then back to chill by the palapa.

We sort of made a daily habit of a couple things - walk down North beach and out to the sand bar across from the Avalon, pick up a 6 pk of Sol from somewhere in town and a siesta before getting ready for supper. So, after the pelicans, its out to the sand bar, I love it out there. I just want to bring some loungers and a cooler out there and chill.

Heres a video of us out in the ocean in front of Avalon and North Beach:

I dont know what touched my toes, but I think it was just a weed?

We grab a couple cervesas at Buhos swing bar, a very nice area but, no cervesa specials so we move on (30 pesos per cervesa). We walk to town to pick up a 6 pack of Sol which would range anywhere from 70 - 90 pesos, daily. The little tienda across from Plaza Almondros was the best deal at 70p for a while, then upped their price to 90p on a different day. I dont understand that? We sat on Medina along the walkway with our six pack and a local man walked by and said, "Buenos dias". It was after noon, so I asked, "Buenas tardes?". He smiled and greeted us saying how good my Spanish was...although I only know very little. Dave handed him a Sol and he was happy. He didnt know much English either, but his name was Moses and he was telling us all sorts of things.

We eat at Don Chepos tonight. Sonny, at the podium sold us with the 2x1 cervesas as Rolandis next door didnt have a cervesa special. Not very hungry after the big lunch, Dave and I split the queso fondedo & tix n chix cooked grouper.


Us at Don Chepos:


Its starts raining and we move under the awning. Now, its rained every day so far, but it doesnt last long. I just have a hard time telling when its coming, especially in the dark. Ive learned to watch the locals, when they start packing up their stuff...start packing up your stuff, lol. We end the night at Miguels, again...another habit.


to be continued....

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