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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 14

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 10/26/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Friday Feb.24

~~Day 14 “The To-Do List Day”

Another day, another sunrise….I’m up before the sun today…

As I sit here on my balcony, I quickly realize that the holiday is almost half over. But then I flip it around and say to myself…’yippee..still have 14 days left!’ At least that’s what I tried to trick myself to believe!

Keith and Elisa had sent an email early this morning asking if we wanted to join them for breakfast at Café Cito. I just had toast but everything looked yummy!

From breakfast we head off to the beach with plans to meet up again later tonight. Off we go to plant our butts in our favourite spot on Playa Norte. Water bottle, book, sunglasses….all set!

I enjoyed the view for a while…and then probably enjoyed looking at the back of my eyelids too ☺

I’m pretty sure there was a sunset….not sure why there is no photo today!

We meet Keith and Elisa at Asia Caribe. They only have 2 nights left and wanted to squeeze in as much as possible. Hence, the ‘To-Do List’! On the list…..where to listen to music tonight, and where to find the best strawberry margarita. Let the quest begin!

So, even though it didn’t really go with our dinner, we order strawberry margaritas. Dinner!

And what comes after dinner? Dessert! And where is the only dessert we’ve been eating these days? At Comono’s! We wander to the south end of Hidalgo and order our favourite chocolate tempura….and strawberry margaritas.

Very stuffed, we’re off to begin the music quest while we continue the marg quest. We were going to go to La Terraza on Hidalgo but didn’t hear music there yet, so we wander to Poc Na Hostel where we know Fa Sostenido are playing. I’ve never been inside there….it was pretty cool! We bump into Deene and Lloyd there too and quickly find a spot to sit amongst the 20-year-olds!

As always, we love to listen to Fabio and Gustavo….so talented.

And then it’s time to continue the margarita quest…of to Medina and Brisas Grill. 4 strawberry margs on the table…

4 really happy Isla Canucks….


Nothing like sitting with your toes in the sand, under the stars, listening to the sea lap upon the shore. Great way to end another great day.

So….what were the strawberry margarita results…..

Asia Caribe….best alcohol
Comono’s….best strawberries
Brisas Grill….best location

We didn’t get everything crossed off the To-Do List…that’s what next year is for!

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