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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 25-26

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 11/6/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Tuesday Mar. 6

~~Day 25 “Lazy to the Max…and in the Dark!”

It’s starting to feel like the final countdown is on….the countdown to go home. So at this point, every second of the sunrise is savoured and remembered.

Feeling too darn lazy to leave Isladise, we just enjoy being home today. Reading on the balcony, enjoying the sun….

At one point a military patrol truck cruised past…keeping us all safe and secure!

We decided on take-out tonight… tacos from Bally Hoo's! Of course as soon as dinner arrives, the power goes out! Luckily Vince had his headlamp along which we hung on the fan and worked perfectly. With candles lit we had a cozy dinner!

Wednesday Mar. 7

~~Day 26 “Uh oh….Who Ordered the Rain?”

Bounding out of bed for the sunrise….Hey! Where’s my sun?! Raindrops pouring on the window…..

Maybe if I go back to bed and wake up again in a while, the sun will appear! Well, it’s trying to…..

My strategy worked! Sun is out!...

Off to Playa Norte for some sizzlin’…..

A great day on the beach and we decide that we should get some of our last minute shopping done so we can really relax on our last few days. We are going to miss this ‘home sweet home’….

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