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Thursday Dec. 29

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 2/5/2012

We wanted to try Manana’s for breakfast and we were glad we did. It was fabulous.
Today we rented beach chairs. The water was sloshing right at my head. Boom. I am knocked out again. Maybe I needed to recover from Miguel’s!

Today my husband got the coconut from the beach vendor. We always love seeing this character and hearing his sales tactics. “Cocos. Locals. Hippies.Hoochie Coochie” This time he added “ring a dingy dingy” He is always amazing. To say I am not a fan of coconuts is an understatement. But my husband loves them and loved the fresh coconut water. After he drank that, the vendor came back by and opened it so my husband could eat the coconut meat. And after that, the vendor came back by and cleaned up the leftover hulls. He is a whiz with his machete. And we all know not to mess with Machete! I ran to Manana’s for another chocolate shake since I knew my husband wouldn’t want to eat for a while. I love that everything on Isla is so accessible.
We ate at Asia Caribe. I had the tamarind fish. It was very good but surprisingly sweet. For some crazy reason, my husband had tofu and vegetables! He liked it but tofu has some after effects that I won’t go into here.

At Miquel’s this evening, Sex or Tips was back. Caroline from Canada could sing a great Proud Mary with them. I tried to get her to sing with them every night. And then there is my weakness for Johnny Cash. I can’t help it if I jump up on my chair and dance when a Cash song is played. I had to behave this evening as I was planning to dive on Friday.

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