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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 10-11

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 10/23/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Monday Feb.20 – Tuesday Feb.21

~~Day 10 “Lazy, Lazy, Lazy…..and we Love it!”

What a gorgeous morning! The sea is calm, the clouds perfectly puffy and the colours are soothing….

It’s such a beautiful day that we decide to just lounge around our perfect little ‘home resort’ at Casita Isladise. We have great balconies, music, a fridge and a dipping pool….the only thing we’re missing is sand! First we’re off to Chedraui for some nibblies.

Pork rinds anyone?...

Back home a short while later, we are ready to sit on the balcony and sizzle away the afternoon. First some lunch….

While we enjoy this view….

And then….I don’t quite get this….it looks like we made more sandwiches! We bought extra buns and decided that if we didn’t eat them today, they probably wouldn’t be that great tomorrow. Must be the heat making us weird!

And yes, it’s nice and toasty today….

Time to get comfy with a book and a drink in my favourite spot…

A new kitty on the scary wall across the street again. Apparently Isla kitties have no fear of heights!

And before we know it, it’s sunset time….amazing how quickly each day flies by when you’re having so much fun!...

And of course, after working so hard all day, we need dinner! We’re off to El Patio on Hidalgo with Keith and Elisa….

Since our visit, El Patio changed management (perhaps ownership too?). Our experience in Feb 2012 was not that great. The service was unbelievably slow. It took over half an hour just for drinks. Hey, it’s Mexico and we have nothing but time…but still….Luckily Fabio was there playing his guitar to provide some entertainment. The drinks were pretty though!

Our food took a very long time as well….kind of lost track of time, but I know it was long enough that we asked our server if they had lost our order. I had requested beef kebabs….mainly so I could compare them to my favourite dish at Olivia’s. Well, they look good….

But…..they weren’t very good. The meat was very tough and really didn’t have a ton of flavour. They were also more expensive than Olivia’s. No worries….it just helped to confirm that Olivia’s is an excellent restaurant!

Vince ordered fajitas…again, they were okay.

The setting is very nice inside….lots of potential. We will definitely give it a second chance next time.

We wander Hidalgo afterwards and I think there was probably some ice cream involved. Keith and Elisa came back to Casita Isladise as we were all embarrassingly addicted to watching The Bachelor and Survivor. We had bought the episodes from iTunes and they were ready to watch. It was pretty funny…the 4 of us huddled on the sofa watching TV shows on my 13” Macbook. Silly things like that are what make holidays memorable!

~~Day 11

Hello Sun… “Party Animals….Yup, That Be Us!”

I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a pretty sunrise, but as I sat and waited, I was not disappointed…

Did I mention that I LOVE this view?! Throughout the day, I can never just walk past the view….I have to stop and just soak it in….to somehow remember it even when I’m not here…

And since we had such a great day yesterday, we decide on a repeat today. This dipping pool makes Isladise so perfect.

And there were lots of dips today as it was toasty toasty….

I’m so tempted to jump in here, but I think I need water shoes for that…maybe next time…

Tonight we’re having a little dinner at home before we head out to the fundraiser at La Luna.

Great scenery while we eat….

Off to La Luna….we go every year and enjoy the silent auction and entertainment. All for a good cause!

Brenda and Vince…

Brian and Vince…

Off to find Keith and Elisa for some more craziness…

Everyone has a craving for some sticky ribs, so off we go to Asia Caribe. We nibble away, get drinks and then giggle and yak for quite some time. Soon, we realize that we’re the only ones there and that they’re sort of waiting to close. Oops! We’re not quite done so we wander a few steps to Adelita’s. And someone has the great idea of tequila shots…uhoh!

Keith looks scared….and rightly so!

And believe it or not, we shut that place down too! Gee….old folks like us shutting down Hidalgo! Feeling very cool and 29 again, we decide to stop while we’re ahead. After all, tomorrow is another day!

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