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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 1-2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 10/15/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Saturday Feb.11 – Sunday Feb.12

~~Day 1 “And We’re Off!!!”

Our flight leaves Vancouver at 8am…..coasting over Isla Holbox before landing in Cancun at 4pm….

Long line-up at Immigration, but it moves fairly quickly….always look to see how many spots are open before picking a line. Grab the suitcases and get in the next line for customs. We had to put all the suitcases through the x-ray and as I put the carryon suitcase on the belt, the lady operating the machine must have hit reverse and the suitcase fell off the belt and onto my foot! Ouch!!! She says ‘lo siento’ while I haul the suitcase off my foot and back onto the belt once again and quickly step out of the way. Poor little toes!

Out in the sunshine our driver from AGI Tours runs off to fetch the van and we are soon on our way to the ferry. Every time we’re on the way to the ferry, we grin at each other and then say ‘are we really here?’ Yes!!!

Grab one-way tickets for the ferry $140MXP for 2…..drag the suitcases down the dock and once they’re stowed, we bounce up the stairs to sit up and enjoy the view. Uh, picture….nope, forgot! Too enthralled by the blue water, wind in our hair and entertaining guitar player. Although truth be told, I’d rather just hear the wind and the waves. But, it’s all good!

20 short minutes later and we are docked…taking in our first few views of our sweet Isla. Suitcases in tow, we find a maletero and off we go, walking right past these loco tourists…..hey, wait a minute!!!

Those aren’t crazy tourists! Those awesome smiles belong to Cori and Pedro, the proud and awesome owners of Caribbean Casa
We walk the short distance to our home for the next month, Casita Isladise. There have been some beautiful renovations since our last visit, and Cori and Pedro give us the grand tour….photos to follow! For now we quickly unpack and get settled in our gorgeous suite. We’re sharing with Cori and Pedro for the next few days….it was perfect and lots of fun. I can still hear Pedro calling up the stairs “con permiso”.

Keeping with tradition, we make our way to Rolandi’s for our first dinner. We meet up with Deene and Lloyd and enjoy a great dinner with good food and lots of laughs…

Pedro, Vince and Lloyd…

Our pizza….

Cori’s tiramisu…..

It’s been a long travel day for us, so we make our way home before our eyelids get too droopy. After all tomorrow is another day!

Day 2 “Smiles from Sunrise to Sunset”

Bounding out of bed for my first sunrise of 30!...

I LOVE this time of day and I LOVE the incredible views from the Isladise balconies. While Vince snores away, I sit and enjoy the view, taking in all the smells, sounds and sights. What a great way to start the day!

Cori and Pedro have a few things to attend to so Vince and I walk to Chedraui to gather some supplies…important stuff like wine, cheese, crackers etc! Oh, and some healthy things like yogurt, bananas and avocados. We meander the aisles, taking it all in. We grab a taxi back to CC with all our goodies. Then it’s time for lunch! We hop on the golf cart and drive the short distance to Justicia Social. Great place to sit and enjoy the view…..

Food is ordered….service is great, prices are good and food is delicious…

This fellow really wanted us to share….

Checking out the BBQ….

Tummies full, we’re off on a driving tour of la Isla. The wheels take us to Garrafon which is totally deserted. We find some loungers on the beach and get comfy. No other choice as once you were in these loungers, it was hard to get up and out of them! The view was perfect….

Might as well have a nap!

While they napped I just laid back and watched the sun peek in and out of the clouds, unable to stop smiling. Just so happy to be here, in this moment. What a great start to our holiday, already so relaxed.

Some pretty blooms….

Feeling refreshed, we all flip out of our loungers as gracefully as possible! Back on the road, we follow the east side along the ocean, enjoying all the vistas. And then….we hear that bottle of vino tinto that we brought all the way from home, calling us. And a perfect spot to enjoy that wine and the sunset, is on the Isladise sunset balcony. Ahhh….life is good….really good!

We all get comfy around the perfectly sized dipping pool….

And we enjoy the first of many wonderful sunsets…..

Then it’s off to dinner…tonight, it’s at one of Cori and Pedro’s favourite places, Fredy’s. We’re also meeting up with Jan and Bruce. The gang gathers and food is ordered. It’s a fun place to sit and watch everyone walk by and Fredy is a fun host.

Cori’s chicken nachos….huge serving!


Shrimp in sauce…

Garlic shrimp….

Fish filet….

Oh boy, are we stuffed after that! We waddle a short distance to Adelita’s…’cause what’s better on a full stomach than some tequila shooters! C’mon, live dangerously! YOLO….right? ☺

Lots of laughs, happy faces. But we’re old, with lots of experience and know when to stop! Another great day in Isladise!

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