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Kristi & Daves Dec vacacation Part 1

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 1/1/2012

I think this was my 6th trip to Isla and Daves 5th. We decide to stay at Privilege Aluxes this time since we got a good deal through Expedia. We flew out of MSP via Suncountry on Sat and our flight was scheduled to take off at 6:15am. We arrive the airport and long story short, we upgraded to first class! This would be the first time weve done that and we were pretty excited and let me tell you, it was wonderful. Daves long legs thanked him Im sure.

We arrive CUN on time (10:05) and lines were short! Is this a Sat? We breezed through everything at the airport and even past the timeshare shark tunnel and out to Best Day. We met Ol Dan & Ginny from the forum during the drive to the ferry and saw them many times on the island, very nice people. As we are exiting the van, the luggage guy at the ferry remembers me and gives me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. What a sweety! We just missed the 11:30 ferry so Dave purchased a couple of Sols, we relaxed and then left on the noon ferry. Ahh, I was starting to feel the Isla vacation sink in a little...but, there was something missing and I didnt know what.

Its a beautiful day, we retrieve pesos from HSBC ATM and we walk to PA to check in. Although their website says that check in is at 12:00, its really not until 3pm we learned. No biggie, we change into vacation wear, leave our luggage with Jimmy the bell hop and search for some lunch. Picus it is, we love Picus and have our regular fish tacos (60 pesos) with a side of guac (40 pesos)...and their soup starter (free). I cant remember how much their Sols were, 25 pesos? Although we love the setting there and the server was friendly, the tacos were just OK. Dont worry, we will find our new favorite place later. ;)

We head out to the Super Express to purchase limes, a traditional first day thing...along with another purchase, SOLs of course! We walk around a bit and then check into our room. Our room was very nice (room 331), a deluxe ocean view suite. It had a separate bedroom on one side that looked over the cemetery, then a hallway that leaded to the large bathroom and then down to the living room/kitchen area. As I walked down the hallway, I could see our deck and the ocean, it also looked over the pools. The safe fit Daves iPad and the rest of our valuables nicely. The fridge was stalked with all-inclusive goodies, but we had the breakfast plan so we just took some stuff out to make way for the Sols.

We settled into our room then showered up for supper in town. Before supper we headed down Hildago to Miguels recognizing people and places and also being recognized ourselves! Cheapo Felepo remembered me from March as he is in love with my niece and asks that I still have her call him, lol. Ceaser, a few doors down remembers me as I bought earrings from him before and now this year a silver bracelet for only 30us. We chat and then walk around the corner to Miguels. Remember that feeling I had before that something was missing? Its weird, but every time (only on the 1st day of vacation) before I see Miguel, I get excited hoping hell remember me. We step into his place and we are greeted with open arms, kisses (for me) and smiles. Yep, Im here, that "missing" feeling went away. We have 2x1 margaritas (whoa, I forgot he makes them strong!) and split an order of his chicken quesidillas, very good. We end our night with supper at Medina tacos, their el pastor tacos are my favorite. Since its been such a long day, we go home to PA, enjoy one more cervesa on the deck and go to sleep. be continued. ...even though we didnt take many pics, I will eventually add them (sorry).

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