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DAY 11 & 12 -- JOAN & LORRAINE

Date: 7/13/2012

DAY 11 -- Tuesday, May 22

Woke to this bright fireball in the sky. The sun is out and I rushed out to check the sky to the south -- white puffy clouds as far as you can see. Yippee a beach day!!! I got some OJ and went out on the deck to enjoy God's handiwork. I also grabbed my journal as I had some catching up to do since I was waiting for the journal to dry out.

We went to Mango Cafe for breakfast. We shared the breakfast quesadillas and each had a watermelon juice. Yummy!! There was a couple across the room who wanted to know what we were drinking. We told them and got into a conversation on the other juices offered. We told them about the hibiscus but didn't know about the tamarind juice. The waiter came out and answered our questions about the two juices and how they are made. Another education!!! The waiter then came out with two glasses with a little bit of the two juices in each for us to try. We got the tamarind and the other couple got the hibiscus. We all tasted our juices and we had a little tamarind left so we gave it to the other couple to try. I also had a little watermelon juice left so I gave them that to try. We all had a great time swapping drinks and germs. Yet another reason to love Mexico!!

Back at the house Jimbo offered us his golf cart so we could go to Capitan Dulce and Punta Sur. We gladly accepted only we never made it. I am not fond of (ok, afraid of golf carts). We are short so we placed our spring floats on the seat back so we could reach the pedals. The golf cart was parked very tightly between Jimbo's truck and a neighbor's motorcycle. I had visions of hitting one or the other or both and refused to drive. Sis got in to drive and couldn't reach the ignition. I reached in and turned the ignition key but nothing happened. By now we were both intimated so we went back to Plan A -- the beach.! We wanted to go to Playa Norte but our cab driver wanted us to go to the beach by Jax so that's where we ended up. We are so easy. Found some trees and planted ourselves for the rest of the day. For lunch we (I) went to Jax for take out. We shared the cheese quesadillas and the crunchy beef tacos -- both were very good. Around 5:00 we headed back to the house. We hung around a bit and then headed back to town for dinner. We both wanted garlic shrimp and the best place for that is Velesquez. Since we hadn't had a margarita in a few days we ordered the "big" (especiale on the menu). The drinks came out in the regular size goblet we always get but the first sip told us they had tripled the tequila. OMG!! We were buzzed in no time and giggled through the entire meal. We had every intention of going to the plaza for a marquesita but we were too buzzed and giddy. Back to the house we went, giggling all the way.

DAY 12 -- Wednesday, May 23

Woke to that beautiful fire ball in the sky again and much calmer seas. Sis made watermelon juice which we drank on the back deck. We then had coffee/tea and some pastries we bought from the street vendor who comes by the house every night. Mexican pastries leave a lot to be desired. They are dry and not as sweet as I am used to.

We then headed to Playa Norte, found our trees and plopped for the day. For lunch the waiter from Chimbo's brought us guacamole and chicken tacos. All was good but the tacos were a bit messy to eat on the beach.

We got back from the beach around 5:00 and sat on the back deck watching the huge beautiful waves. Went into Centro and had dinner at Mamacitos. We shared a "pitcher" of mango margaritas -- Yummy. Sis had shrimp ceviche (really good) and I had the chile rellano (sp) (very tasty but the pepper could have been cooked more). We then went in search of the marquesita man. We each had a nutella and banana marquesita. Yummy!! Back to the house and bed.

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