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Wed. Dec 28

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 2/5/2012


We ate our breakfast on our balcony along with the free coffee and a coke for me. Today I was diving with Yul Brenner. Sorry if you are too young to know who he was! OMG, Autoro, a dive master at Carey Dive shop has a star quality! This time a couple was along with us and a couple of other guys from different countries.
I had a great time today. This is what I thought diving would be like. The 1st dive was the Museo and the 2nd was the Garden. Autoro pointed out all kinds of sea life. Lion fish, stone fish, spider crab, lobsters and plenty of colorful fish. The reef with the fish swishing back in forth with the water, reminded me of a tree with leavings blowing back and forth with the wind. It was remarkable.
The dive shop offered to have my things sent to my hotel. Since I decided to keep on my dive suit, it was so much easier to carry everything. I didn’t really have a problem so I declined. I found my husband was already in the room. He helped me clean up and we headed to Dopi’s for those great burritos and potato/carrot salad. We only ordered one to split and asked for extra potato salad.
My husband said he had stopped at Manana’s and had a terrific fruit shake. I wanted a shake so we went back. He had another one and I had a chocolate shake. It was different than in the States – but a good choice for me.
We went out to the beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
We stopped in for happy hour at Posada del Mar. I drank 2. Since we had a fairly light lunch, it was a good night for the Husband to eat lasagna at Rolandi’s. I had the potato soup and bread. I cannot eat any of that tomato stuff at night.
We headed to Miguel’s where John Cain was playing. Miquel was busy. The Sex or Tips band came in next. Since I didn’t plan to dive the next day, I had no alcohol limit – but maybe I should have! I can’t tell you anymore about that night!

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