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Isla Mujeres 2012~~Day 7

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 10/19/2012

Isla Mujeres 2012

Friday Feb.17

~~Day 7 “Beach, Ice Cream and Carnival Time!”

Yes, I was up for the sunrise…..again…..Every morning I gently nudge Vince and tell him to come see the sunrise. And every morning he asks the same thing “Is it a really good one?” And I answer the same each time “Yes it’s a really good one!” And then he rolls over and goes back to sleep, and I grab the camera and head out the door to enjoy the show. It’s okay….I really like this time of day to myself!

Often I go back to bed to enjoy a bit more sleep but I usually just lay there, wanting to get up and enjoy the day.

Eating our brekkies on the balcony, we enjoy the entertainment from across the street. Apparently some kind of tank was needed on the roof of the building and it was all accomplished with muscles and rope.

Show over, we sit and enjoy the view…..

And then it’s time for the beach! Ahhhh……

I could spend every day of the next year enjoying this view and never tire of it!

When it’s time to wander home, we walk past the square to see all the decorations for Carnival…

And then it’s snack and sunset time…..freshly made guacamole, some salsa and tortilla chips. Yum! We start by enjoying the view to the east, just watching the waves….

Then it’s close to sunset time so we walk a few steps to our west-facing balcony. Toes in the pool and sit back to watch the next show of the day.

Between the sunrise, the beach and the sunset, it’s like being in nature’s movie theatre all day long!

Dinner time….we’re off to Bally Hoos tonight. Great location right on the water. Vince orders Mexican Fish Fillet….

Unfortunately it wasn’t very good… wasn’t cooked quite enough and was very ‘mushy’. My fish tacos were very good, as always, so I shared with him…

And what’s better for dessert than ice cream…..

Too many flavours to choose from!

Wandering around the zocalo, what do we find? More dessert….Churos!!! So delicious!

Carnival is beginning…..lots of dancers and activity. We’ve been on Isla for many years during Carnival. It’s always fun!

Tomorrow…..Sunset on the beach with new found friends….

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